Our Story

woman in the sea

She Rose Revolution was conceived when Shani was attempting (and totally struggling) to write her fourth book. 

While researching the self-help market, she discovered that there are more men writing and publishing books, with more women reading them.

But the stats show that women prefer to read books written by women. 

Of course we do.

This world is in desperate need of strong, authentic, female voices. 

Our patriarchal systems are broken, and have created a demonic society where women continue to be hushed, objectified, and systematically oppressed. 

We have more rights than we have ever had as women, but we are still not equal.

Not really. 

And it’s not okay. None of it is. 

That’s where She Rose Revolution steps in.

We are an empowering publishing revolution created by women, for women.

We focus on sharing empowering, educational, and inspirational personal essays for girls & women, written by authentic voices – no BS allowed.

We are providing women with the opportunity to learn how to tap into their creativity, discover their unique voice, and write a bestselling book through our writing program. 

We are actively seeking out powerful stories and journeys written by incredible women, in the hopes of publishing as many as we possibly can; filling our world up with the light it seeks.

FYI – we don’t care how many followers you have on the gram. If you have something important to share with other women, we want to help you share it.

And we have BIG dreams to empower and transform the lives of disadvantaged women worldwide, by gifting as many kick-ass feminist books as we can, leading educational workshops, and guiding them on their own journeys as we walk tall down our own path.  

Join us. Heal with us. Step into your power.