She Rose 2021 Anthology

she rose 2021 anthology
What does it mean to you to RISE?

How have you risen in your life?

And how can we all help one another rise as women?

Our very first She Rose anthology centres on this theme. Use this as inspiration to guide you wherever your heart takes you.

Write about a time you got knocked down, and lifted yourself back up. Write about a woman rising from the ashes, and being born again. Write about wolves howling at full moon, and the witches they could not burn. Write about loss, love, fear, healing, courage, power, grace, and everything in between. Write from the beat of your heart, and the depths of your soul. 

Submission guidelines

We are seeking submissions from women in the form of personal stories, essays, poems, photography & illustrations.

These should relate to the theme of the book which is, RISE.

Each person may submit up to 3 pieces for consideration.

Word count: Each piece should be minimum 100 words – maximum 1200 words.

Please send your submission in the body of an email to: with “SHE ROSE 2021 ANTHOLOGY – (YOUR STORY/PROJECT TITLE)” as the subject line.

Please include your name, a short author bio, and any links to your website or social channels.

Your submission must belong to you, and not have been previously published on any other platforms, apart from on your own website or social media channels.

Featured writers will receive

– Their work published & featured in our incredible book, and their heart art shared worldwide.

– Their name & author bio listed in the book (you can remain anonymous/use a pen name if you prefer)

– A free PDF copy of the book before it’s published

– The chance to be tagged and featured on our website and social channels


Other info

We plan to publish both a digital and print version of our anthology by the end of 2021 (date TBC).

Please note, not all the submitted stories are guaranteed to be featured in the publication. Editors reserve all rights on selection, as well as edits to the works themselves.

Please note that writers selected to be featured in our anthology will be asked to sign a copy of our submission terms, before we can publish their work.

We can’t wait to read your stories, and share your heart art.



and, she rose.