The Babe Bible by Shani JayThe Babe Bible by Shani Jay

The Babe Bible

The Babe Bible is written as a beautiful collection of open-when love letters to the reader, arranged into seven sections: Body, Spirit, Confidence, Vulnerability, Love, Hope, and Inspiration.

This is the book you’ll want to reach for whenever you find yourself in need of some gentle guidance, words of wisdom, or a sprinkle of inspiration.



The Babe Bible will guide you through some of life’s toughest lessons, help you discover answers to your many questions, and be the light in the darkness when you need it most.

This book contains everything they don’t teach you in school, but really should, including how to feel confident in your own skin, how to keep going when you lose a loved one, and what to do when you find yourself feeling lost and utterly alone.

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“Rarely do you read a book and want to send a copy to everyone you care about. This is that book, for all the girls and women in your life. If you are looking for the ideal gift – for a birthday, graduation, any occasion or just to say, “I love you” to the treasured girls and women in your life, this wonderful book is it!”

– Jacquelyn

“These love letters to us as women are powerful reminders of our beauty, especially useful because we all have such doubts in our media-drenched minds telling us we are not good enough. Thoughtfully written, practical ways to get our minds back to focusing on our strengths. Every teenage girl should own a copy, every mother should read it to her daughters and every woman should read it to herself with love.”

– Lyn

“Shani Jay is raw, vulnerable, and passionate when it comes to writing. She is a phenomenal woman whose writing came into my life at the right time. I indulge myself with a chapter everyday when I need a little inspiration, sparkle and reminder to love myself.”

– Mariana


Shani Jay

Shani Jay is the founder of She Rose Revolution, bestselling author, empowerment leader, and an internationally published writer.

Her articles have reached and touched millions, while her books have made their way into the hands and hearts of thousands of women worldwide.

Learn more about Shani here.



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