she rose revolution retreats

Are you looking to jet-set to a tropical paradise, join a powerful group of women, open your heart, create real transformation, and change your life?

If so, you’ve landed in the right place!

Each year, we’ll be hosting a one-of-a-kind women’s soul retreat at a different location (think Bali, Costa Rica, Hawaii).

This will be a week filled with yoga, meditation, sacred workshops, 1:1 mentoring sessions, surfing, and exploring. Plus plenty of sharing, laughing, crying, healing, and evolving.

When groups of like-minded women get together, magic is created.

Are you ready to make magic with us?

REST: Sleep, swim, sunbathe… moonbathe! Move from a place of love. Nourish your heart and soul. Breathe deeply, with intention. Come home.

RECONNECT: Go inwards, listen, feel… let it be. Connect with yourself and your sisters in a sacred feminine awakening.

RELEASE: Let go. Dance. Cry. Laugh. Surrender. Just be in the moment, held by Mumma Nature. You’re here, now.

RENEW: Fill the newfound spaces with love, healthy practices, and affirming beliefs. Grow into discoveries. Receive the gifts. Awaken to the freshness of your soul, renewed.

Stay tuned for all the details of our next retreat (coming very soon).

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To give you a heads up: Prices usually start from around $1995+ depending on the location (this includes pretty much everything apart from your flights, airport transfer, one meal each day & any extra spending money you need for sightseeing, etc.)