She Has A Beauty That Is More Than Skin Deep

she has a beuty that is more than skin deep
Photo by Baylee Gramling

She has a beauty that her bones and blood are made of.

Beauty that is seeded in her soul, and nestled in her womb.

A beauty that stuns in her silence, and echoes when she speaks her truth.

Beauty in the way she moves, both with power and with grace.

And beauty of her quiet comfort in the body she was birthed in.

She has a beauty that transcends yesterday, today, and all her tomorrows.

A beauty that beats with her heart, and to the rhythm of her own drum.

Beauty that cannot be shattered by cruel words, or by ageing numbers.

A beauty that cannot be seen, but will always be felt.

She has a beauty that is more than skin deep.

book for women

Praise for Bloom

Amazing book! I have read it twice, I go back and highlight quotes and things I need to remember throughout the day. Shani has inspired me, and will inspire many women. It's the law of attraction worded a little differently for women to love. - Samantha


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