Finding Her Voice

Photo by Yoann Boyer

she learned not to speak up, or shout out

so they drowned her voice out with their roar

but she has been doing some learning of her own since then

about women who fell from the sky, now wear their scars like wings

women who dare to stand in the flames, becoming one with their rage

women who spit fire at dawn, and howl at dusk

and women who dare to be seen, and be heard

women who have proudly reclaimed their wild.

these are the women she embodies today

you can hear her roar with the best of them now

her voice can no longer be ignored.

book for women

Praise for Bloom

I read Bloom in one night. I started feeling hopeless and pushed down. Shani picked me up, dusted me off, and guided me to self-love in a few short hours with only print. Truly inspiring - Rebecca Barnoff


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