How To Stand In Your Power As A Priestess

what is a priestess

What is a Priestess?

I still remember reading a magazine when I was about 15, and figuring out my numerology from my date of birth.

My number was eleven, which can also be added together to give two. It was only much later I discovered that in tarot, the number eleven (or two) is the High Priestess card.

I’ve always felt like I have a calling here on earth to serve and empower other women. I’ve always been highly sensitive and intuitive, and have recently enjoyed embarking on a path to rediscover my feminine gifts.

But it wasn’t until I started researching what it truly means to be a Priestess, that I discovered I was already embodying her in so many ways.

Herstory: the Priestess

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, before the rise of the Church and Patriarchy, both men and women were valued and respected equally.

Women embraced roles as teachers, healers, mothers, and guides – and they were respected for what they uniquely brought to their communities. They were the weavers and creatrixes of life. Their innately feminine gifts of nurturing, receptivity, intuition, and being in tune with their emotions were seen as powerful and desirable qualities.

These women held space for other women in sacred circle and temple rituals, where a higher connection was created between the Divine and all beings.

This is the path of the Priestess

The Priestess walks the bridge between the seen and unseen worlds. She represents mystery, fertility, and the feminine. She is highly intuitive, and in sync with the natural cycles of the moon. And she was held in high regard by her community, and often asked for guidance.

She is a lover, a mother, a witch, and a crone. She is a seeker, a keeper, and a mystic. And she is both a peace maker and warrior of the world. Her heart is full with kindness and compassion for all beings. She grounds herself in nature, and lives in flow with the cycles of the moon. She holds space, listens deeply, and responds. And she walks the path of her soul, daring to journey into the wild.

The Priestess has long been banished and dishonoured, but we are now in a time of remembering.

We are seeking balance between the masculine and feminine, and we are seeking out Her forgotten gifts.

Women are remembering their roles as leaders, healers, and sacred keepers of wisdom.

They are remembering what it feels like to live their life guided by their own intuition, and soul path.

And they are reclaiming their power, grace, and sexuality.

This is the path of the Priestess.

What it truly means to be a modern day Priestess

You are dedicated to being of service to other women

Whether it’s a small local moon gathering, or on stage in front of thousands, she is dedicated to being of service; particularly when it comes to other women.

The Priestess has a deep desire to do meaningful work in the world which serves those around her. She naturally takes on the role of a leader or teacher, but doesn’t see herself as different or superior to anybody else.

The Priestess works as a vessel for the divine, and bridges people with their highest truth. She offers loving guidance and support to the women she steps into circle with and serves.

You are devoted to love & compassion

Self-love is a part of your daily practice. This may have been a turbulent journey for you, and hasn’t always come naturally, but you have been devoted to finding your way back to love.

Love is your default setting, when it comes to family, friends, and total strangers. You view all life on earth as equal, and your strong ability to empathise is what fuels your compassionate nature.

You’re a natural space holder

A Priestess has an innate ability to hold space for others to show up as their authentic selves. You might notice this through other people turning to you for guidance or support, or seeing you as a leader of some kind.

Being able to hold space isn’t something that you do, it’s a way of being. It’s about being fully present in the moment, being an active listener, and tuning into the vibration of the person or group. You won’t know what you’re going to say or do, until the moment comes. You trust that you’ll receive the inner guidance, and then you follow it with faith.

Being a space holder is a powerful gift when it comes to every day conversations, as well as facilitating circles or leading classes. It allows the people in your presence to feel supported, seen, and heard.

You are highly intuitive

Intuition is an innately feminine quality. It is present in both men and women, but for women it is a super power.

As a Priestess, you listen to your intuition, and then trust it to guide you forward. You know that these whispers – in whatever form they come to you – are messages from the divine, and your soul.

You use practices like meditation, yoga, writing, embodied movement, oracle readings, channelling, and power pauses to harness and strengthen your intuitive muscle. Because you know that the more you tune into it, the more powerful it becomes.

You live in flow with your natural cycles

You’ve found yourself drawn back to the way women used to ground themselves through the seasons of the year, and live by the cycles of the moon. Because the moon represents the feminine – she rules the oceans, the night skies, and the other realm.

You take time to create a ritual on the new and full moon, whether you’re alone or with sisters. Each new moon is a fresh start, and a chance to begin again; while the full moon is a time to expand and celebrate.

You recognise that you own cycle mirrors that of the moon, and feel a deep connection to her because of this.

A Priestess also works with the wheel of the year, slowing down and speeding up when the moment is right – ignoring the hustle culture we live in today of more, more, more.

You honour your inner goddess

A Priestess knows who she is on a soul level, and chooses to honour that – regardless of whether society or the people around her support this.

She creates space to unleash her creativity, be a mother, or make a home with the one she loves. She takes care of her own needs, as well as others’. And she boldly follows her dreams, and walks her soul path – and she’s more than willing to walk in the dark.

A Priestess understands that when she feeds her soul, this channels through all areas of her life: her relationships, her work, and her connection to the divine. It’s more important to her to be authentic and stay true to who she is, than to gain outward approval.

You are highly sensitive

Have you ever walked into a room and immediately felt the collective energy of the space flood you?

Are you someone who always feels very deeply?

When someone you love is in pain, does that pain become your own, too?

These are all traits of a highly sensitive person. Sensitivity has often been taught by our masculine-led society as a weakness, but it’s actually a great strength. And a Priestess knows this.

She is able to understand without hearing a word. She is able to listen deeply, and offer compassion. And she is able to navigate difficult conversations with grace and ease.

A Priestess will often use her sensitivity by transmuting her emotions into art – writing, painting, and singing to name a few.

You make ritual a part of your daily life

A ritual turns something ordinary into something magical, that is infused with intention and soul.

Maybe you take a bath to wash away the day. Light a candle before you begin writing. Meditate to ground yourself, and welcome in peace and stillness. Or give thanks before you eat a meal in sweet silence.

Solo rituals like these, and group rituals (like moon circles) are a beautiful way to honor a specific occasion or intention. They have the power to transform and heal you in the most unexpected of ways.

Stand in your power as a Priestess

This is how you awaken to your sacred feminine gifts.

This is how you will find meaning and joy, as you walk the path of your soul.

Priestess, this is how you stand in your power, and reclaim all that has been forgotten.

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