How Coronavirus Will Heal & Transform Our Lives (If We Let It)

metaphysics of coronavirus
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As a writer and introvert, self-isolation is something I’m very much okay with.

In fact, it’s something I crave — perhaps a little too much — and often.

But even though my life hasn’t changed dramatically over the past month, the world I live in has.

We are going through a period of great uncertainty right now.

The lives we used to know have been stolen. We don’t know when we’ll get them back. And we know that when we do, everything will be different.

Human beings by nature do not enjoy change. But we are being forced by nature to change.

Naturally, many of us find ourselves stuck in resistance.

I have been told by my teachers that once this pandemic is over, the effects of what has begun in 2020 will continue to play out over the coming decades. And in 30 to 40 years we will have a new Earth.

Coronavirus is what we’re calling it, but this is no more than a name, and doesn’t tell the real story.

The old patriarchal patterns, orders, and systems that are no longer serving us are collapsing, so that we can build new systems that better serve us, as we evolve collectively.

Themes that are arising and being triggered are health, money, education, work, home, and socialising. Essentially, everything that we have known for lifetimes.

People are becoming physically ill. Healthcare systems are being tested. Many of us are being triggered to take better care of our bodies. Because we know, now more than ever, just how easy it is for our physical body to die.

Many of us have lost our jobs, or taken a pay cut. And our relationship with money is on the rocks.

Some of us are now working from home instead. This is a welcome blessing for some, and a frustration for others. But either way, the traditional 9–5 office culture is being questioned.

Schools and universities have been closed. And we may begin to question whether our current educational system is adequately supporting the next generation for the future.

The majority of us have been forced indoors, meaning we are all spending significantly more time in our home. Our relationships are under a magnifying glass, as they are tested and pushed to the edge. Some will inevitably break down, while others grow stronger.

This is a time for deep reflection, on what’s working in our lives, and what’s not.

What’s out of date, and needs to be re-written.

What we need to release, and what we need to invite in.

Maybe this is the much needed time and space for you to take a step back, and discover that the job you just lost was actually for the best. It may not feel like it now, but maybe the coming months will shift your perspective.

Perhaps a relationship you thought was what you wanted, now isn’t what you want or need at all. Because what mattered to you a few weeks ago no longer aligns with who you are today, and how this experience has changed you.

Similarly, spending more time at home with your family may be exactly what you all needed, you just didn’t know it until it happened. And this is going to change how you design your life going forwards.

This is also a time when emotions can be running high.

You might feel like you’re riding a rollercoaster that just won’t stop.

From fear, to anger, to peace, to love, and back again. And it’s important to honour all of those feelings when they arise, without judgement.

Equally, it’s important to protect your energy during this time.

To be careful with the people and messages you’re allowing in to your heart.

Many of us are facing restrictions on our movement, which makes this easier said than done, but even in your home you can choose — to a certain extent — what you allow in.

Fear only breeds more fear. So be mindful of this during the coming weeks and months.

Now, more than ever, we need to ground ourselves, and continue with practices that nourish and support us during this time.

That means meditating, journaling, doing yoga, reading, and checking in with ourselves often.

We are each faced with two choices.

We can choose to see this as a great destroyer, or a great teacher.

And we can focus on death, or rebirth.

We can choose to use this time to work on ourselves, or we can waste it away.

We can choose to work in harmony with the universe, or struggle against her.

And we can choose to radiate love, or spit fear.

The reality is, we are powerless to what happens around us.

Our power is in how we choose to react and respond to what happens.

And we always have a choice.

Sending love to all of you wherever you are in the world as you read this.

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