An Empowering Online Nonfiction Book Writing Course For Women

nonfiction book writing course
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Are you looking for an empowering, nonfiction book writing course that was designed specifically for women?

If you are, then the universe has pointed you to the right place.

We’ve just launched our exclusive nonfiction book writing course, which will take you from where you are now, to holding a copy of your very own book in your hands!

Let me walk you our program, and show you how it can change your life – if you let it.

Why we created a nonfiction book writing course specifically for women

While researching the book market last year, I found out some alarming, rage-triggering stats.

There are more books being written and published by men, but there are more women reading books. And, the stats show that women prefer to read books written by women, not men.

But like so many industries, the publishing industry isn’t nurturing or championing enough female writers. And this is partly what inspired me to create our nonfiction book writing course – Wild Women Writing & Publishing – specifically for women.

We want to help women reconnect with their creativity, find their voice, and share their stories with the world. Because I believe we all have a compelling story inside us, just waiting to burst out.

All the work I’ve done over the past few years – the books I’ve written & published, the retreats I’ve led, and the businesses I have created – centre on empowering women. I believe this is what I’m here to do, so creating a course for women seemed like a natural fit.

Another reason why this course has been designed for women, is because we wanted to explore and embrace innately feminine energies – creativity, intuition, nurturing, collaboration – and create a course that embodies and honours these.

And that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Introducing Wild Women Writing & Publishing – An empowering nonfiction book writing course for women

Wild Women Writing

Wild Women Writing is an online writing journey designed to help women like you unleash their creativity and write a book.

This journey consists of seven phases which are: open, reset, seed, refine, trust, receive & celebrate.

You’ll begin by reconnecting to those parts of your soul you’ve suppressed, ignored, or disconnected from over the years.

Once we open your heart, and get your creativity flowing freely and abundantly again, we then show you how to design a daily writing practice that works for you, help you get clear on your unique message, and guide you through the creative process of writing a book.

We’ll take you from where you are now, to holding a copy of your very own book in your hands!

And along the way, we’ll infuse you with self-belief, confidence, and trust in yourself, and the gifts you have to offer this world.

Wild Women Publishing

Wild Women Publishing is the sequel program to Wild Women Writing. It’s an online journey designed to help women edit, birth & market a book.

It’s made up of four phases which are: nourish, connect, birth & bloom.

On this journey, we’ll show you exactly what to do once you’ve finished writing your book, so that you can complete this holding a beautiful copy of your very own book in your hands!

We’ll show you how to find an editor, get a beautiful cover designed, format your ebook and paperback book, design a birth plan, self-publish your book, how to market and sell your book, and so much more.

This course is totally different to most other book writing courses out there.

We don’t speed you through the book writing process as quickly as possible.

We don’t encourage you to take short-cuts or use sleazy sales and marketing tactics to sell your book.

And we don’t make lofty promises about becoming a millionaire from your book sales, and being able to retire tomorrow to the Bahamas.

That is possible, but it’s rare if you don’t have a large audience. So we’re not going to lie to you.

Here’s what we promise you:

We will give you the space and time needed to create and write at your own pace. So that the entire journey fills you with joy instead of dread.

We will help you write a book from your heart. A book that has the power to inspire and heal others, and change lives – including your own.

We will help you empower yourself – today and for the rest of your life – long after you’ve written your book.

How do I know if this course is right for me?

Our online nonfiction book writing course is for you if you:

  • Are a woman with a dream of writing a book, but you have no idea how or where to start. Or, you’ve already written a book, and you want to know what to do next
  • You feel creatively blocked in some way, and you want to explore creativity and make it a part of your life again
  • You desire more self belief & the confidence to unleash your inner wild woman into the world
  • Want to find your authentic voice, and discover how you can write from the heart
  • You want to get crystal clear on who you’re writing for, and the unique message you came here to share
  • Want to create a playful daily writing practice that fills you with joy
  • You are looking for a new challenge in your personal life, or you’re ready to take things to the next level in your business
  • Are ready to go from where you are now, to holding a copy of your very own book in your hands!
  • You seek someone to walk you – and support you – through the entire book publishing process
  • Want to know how to find an editor, formatter & cover designer for your book
  • You dream of self-publishing a book, and seeing it selling on Amazon, and other retailers worldwide
  • And, you want to learn how to successfully market your book, sell lots of copies, and make passive income while you sleep

What’s included in this journey?

Wild Women Writing & Publishing are made up of a mix of exclusive video lessons, PDF guides, and downloadable worksheets.

We currently offer singular enrolment to both of these courses, as well as two bundle packages – Wild Women Priestess & Wild Women Goddess – which include enrolment to both the writing and publishing segments at a discounted price. Plus, there’s the option to include a set of private coaching sessions if you want more support.

You’ll be able to access the online course as soon as you enrol, and can work through the lessons at your own pace.

All our courses include lifetime access, so you can continue to re-visit the course whenever you like!

And we have payment plans to suit all budgets.

How will I complete this journey?

  • With your inner Creatrix unleashed, and knowing how to co-create with her
  • Reconnected with your voice, and knowing how to roar
  • Understanding your gifts and what makes you unique as a writer
  • Knowing what your purpose is, and what you want the heart of your book to be
  • Recognising the importance of creating space and weaving play into the creative process, to avoid overwhelm
  • Going from the seed of an idea, to completing the first draft of your book!
  • Feeling confident, inspired, and empowered from within – knowing there is nothing you cannot do!
  • With a complete how-to guide on editing, formatting, designing, self-publishing & marketing your book
  • Feeling confident, inspired, and empowered from within – knowing that there is nothing you cannot do
  • With a circle of soul sisters to support you and cheer for you on this journey
  • Holding a copy of your book in your hands, and seeing the book you have poured your heart & soul into, published on Amazon!
  • Making passive income from your book while you sleep
  • Bringing in leads and potential new clients for your business

PLUS, there’s also the opportunity to have your book published and/or promoted with us at She Rose Revolution.

Should I take an online course?

Some people are still unsure about online courses. Here are some common worries that people have:

Is it a scam? 

Will I actually learn or achieve anything?

Should I attend an in-person writing course or retreat instead?

I’ve personally been taking a variety of online courses for the past five years, and honestly there has never been a course I haven’t learned something valuable from.

Generally, the higher the investment you make, the more valuable your experience will be.

I once bought a cheap $15 course on Udemy just to see what it was like, and that was probably the least positive experience I’ve had.

The videos were so long that it took forever to learn anything. The instructor wasn’t engaging or interesting enough. And because I had only spent $15, I didn’t really care if I completed the course or not.

Whereas I’ve invested up to $2000 at a time in other courses, and had a much more positive experience.

The videos were to the point, fun, and engaging. The instructor was highly qualified in what they were teaching. I was able to email someone at any time if I had questions, or needed extra support. And because I had invested a big chunk of money, I valued it a lot more.

The reality is, people don’t value free stuff. You probably know that from your own personal experiences when you’ve been handed things for free.

The great thing about online courses is you can do them anywhere. You won’t spend time or money travelling somewhere each day. And you can work through the course at your own pace – as fast or slow as you like.

An online course will fit seamlessly around your lifestyle. Whether you’re a busy mum, you work full-time, or you only have evenings or weekends to yourself – an online course will work for you.

Can’t I just write and self-publish a book without investing in a book writing course?

Yes, of course you can!

But having written and published five books so far, I can tell you it’s tough. Especially the first time around when you have no idea what you’re doing.

You can spend time researching the process on your own, and eventually you’ll probably figure it all out. But that takes a tonne of time, and it can be really stressful too.

The other great thing about a book writing course is it holds you accountable. The act of investing your money in something will make you feel more committed to the process.

And every woman who enrols on this journey is encouraged to partner with a soul sister. Someone in your personal network, or another student, who can be a source of support for you along the way. Someone to cheer for you when you’re celebrating, and to pick you up in moments of doubt or frustration.

This kind of support while writing a book is invaluable.

Join us, wild woman

This isn’t just another online nonfiction book writing course.

We don’t just teach you how to write and self-publish a book.

We show you how to open your heart, reconnect with your soul, and reclaim your power.

Writing a book changed my life, in so many ways. It gave me confidence, freedom, joy, and more opportunities than I could dream of.

So, the question is, are you ready to change your life?

Because if you are, then you’re ready to write a book. And there’s no better time to begin than today.

So, are you ready to join us on this journey, and learn how to write & birth a book?

If you’re ready to say YES to changing your life and writing & self-publishing a book, you can head to right now, and enrol in this journey!

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