This Is What Real Commitment To Your Growth Looks Like

This Is What Real Commitment To Your Growth Looks Like She Rose Revolution
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I am so fucking committed to my growth and my business, that I say yes without fear, and no to many other things, without guilt.

I say no to a steady pay check that I know will take care of the bills, and then some. Because what I really desire is financial freedom, and I know working for somebody else will never offer me that.

I say no to getting drunk on a Friday night, and to spa weekends away in the countryside. No to shopping trips to the mall, and those cute new boots; even though they’ll go with everything.

I say no to clients that don’t feel aligned with the woman I’m becoming; and a hell no to the ones who aren’t willing to pay me what I’m worth.

I say no sleeping in or snoozing my alarm clock when it rings at 5AM; and no to staying up late at night watching movies, so I can be fresh and focused in the morning, ready to have a beautiful day.

I say no to spending hours on the phone with family, and going for coffee and cake and chit chat with friends. And I say no to being dragged in to group chats and video calls that I don’t really want to be a part of.

I say no to wasting my time watching trash TV, and filling my mind with garbage. And I say no to consuming anything that doesn’t empower me to grow.

I say no to summer holidays on the southern coast of Italy, surfing in Hawaii, or trekking the rainforest in Costa Rica. Because I can lay on a beach and sip pina coladas anytime I want. But what I really want is to devote all my time and energy to building something.

I say no to a car and a mortgage right now; because I want to pour all of the money that flows to me back into my business and my learning. And I say no to marriage and kids; because this is my time, and I want to be selfish with it.

I say no to all of these things. Because this allows me to say yes to my deepest dreams and soul desires.

I say yes to waking up before it’s light out, and writing for hours while the sun comes up. And I say yes to putting in 16 hour days; because I know this is what it takes to really build something from nothing.

I say yes to investing my money in books, and online courses, and mentoring from people I admire; because I know I am investing in myself. And this is the best investment I will ever make.

I say yes to sending just one more email, or answering one more comment online, even when I feel tired. I say yes to writing one more article each day, and to learning something new. Because this is what commitment looks like. This is what growth looks like.

I say yes to working on my weekends, and when I don’t really feel like it. Because I genuinely love the work I do. I am fully committed to making my business a roaring success. And I will manifest my dreams into my reality.

I say yes to bouncing back from all my mistakes and failures. Because without trying, there is no chance of succeeding. And everything I have tried has made me stronger in the process, and led me here.

I say yes to trusting my intuition, and walking my soul path, even when it’s not the easiest path to take. Because I understand that every obstacle and every setback is teaching me something. And this is the path that will lead to my highest evolution. This is the way.

I’ve learned that I have to say no to certain things, so I can say yes to the things I truly want in my heart. And this may not sit well with other people, but I am at peace with that. I am at peace with the choices I make each day, and I stand by them.

This is what commitment to your growth looks like.

And I am so fucking committed to my growth.

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