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She Rose Revolution is providing women around the world the opportunity to have their voice heard, and share their story with the world.

We focus on sharing empowering, educational, and inspirational personal essays for girls & women, written by authentic voices, in a variety of areas including:

self love, body image, health & wellness, dating & relationships, feminine magic, creativity, soul & spirituality, sacred work & money, poetry + more.

We’re looking for strong female voices, all the feels, and total honesty – no BS allowed. Please don’t edit yourself – we want to hear YOU.

We pride ourselves on quality over quantity – submissions usually range from 300-800 words.

Think less magaziney, more hand written letter to your soul sister.

If you’d like to share your voice with us, please send your submission in the body of your email (no attachments please) to:

All writers will be given a bio line, and links to their social media accounts at the end of each article. Writers who contribute regularly will be showcased on our author page.

Regular contributors will also have the opportunity to write a book and have it published by She Rose Revolution Books.

We’re excited to read your heart art.

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In today’s self-help book market, there are more men writing and publishing books, with more women reading them.

But the stats show that women prefer to read books written by women – can we get a HELL YEAH?! 

Women want to hear from someone who has walked in their shoes; and can offer inspiration and wisdom based on their authentic experiences. 

That’s where She Rose Revolution steps in.

We are giving women the opportunity to learn how to discover their voice, write a bestselling book; and have it published by us. 

Our focus is on books written by women, for women, which fit into the non fiction, self-help category.

In a nutshell, anything that focuses on educating, inspiring, and empowering girls & women is a great fit for us – this includes poetry too. 

If you’re interested in publishing your book with us, please send an email along with your chapter outline or manuscript to:

FYI we don’t give a fuck how big your audience is, or how many followers you have on social media. That’s the old publishers’ game – not ours. 

If you have something important to share with girls & women, then we want to help you share it. 

We can’t wait to hear from you.