Have you ever dreamed of writing a book, but you have no idea where to start?

Do you find yourself sitting in front of a blank page wanting to write, but feeling totally uninspired, or creatively blocked?

Are you lacking the self belief or inner confidence needed to tap into your deepest, authentic self, and unleash your wild woman into the world?

This online writing journey has been designed to help women like youtap into your creativity (it’s there, and it always has been) by connecting to those parts of your soul you’ve suppressed or ignored over the years.

You’ll learn how to push through doubt, swap those limiting beliefs for empowering ones, and create a playful daily writing practice that fills you with joy instead of dread. 

You’ll discover your true voice, a heartfelt style of writing; get crystal clear on who you’re writing for, and the unique message you came here to share. 

And, you’ll learn how to go from where you are now, to holding a copy of your very own book in your hands! 

This journey has been specifically tailored to women who desire to create and birth a book that fits into the non-fiction, self-help space – anything that centres on educating, inspiring, and empowering girls & women. 

If this is speaking to your soul and has lit you up, then get comfy, and let us tell you more…

Wild Women Writing was created by Shani Jay – 3 x bestselling author, founder of She Rose Revolution, empowerment mentor, leader of feminine soul awakening retreats, and an internationally published writer.

She has been writing stories since she could hold a pen, been through more creative blocks than she can remember, and knows the book writing & publishing process inside & out.

One day, Shani was researching the self-help market, and discovered that there are more men writing and publishing books, with more women reading them.

But she also discovered the stats show that women prefer to read books written by women.

Of course we do.

Girls & women today are in desperate need of strong, authentic, female voices, to empower and inspire them with their words.

If the patriarchal publishing houses of today aren’t letting us be heard, then it’s on us as women to find another way to roar.

And that’s how Wild Women Writing was birthed to life.


  • You dream of writing a book, but have no idea how/where to start.

  • You feel totally uninspired, or creatively blocked in some way.

  • You used to love writing, but find it incredibly challenging today.

  • You’ve never written anything longer than a text message, but something deep in your soul is calling you to write.

  • You lack the self belief or inner confidence needed to tap into your deepest, authentic self, and unleash your wild woman into the world.

  • You feel disconnected from your soul in some way, or have suppressed or ignored parts of yourself over the years.

  • You desire to tap into your creativity, and unleash your inner wild woman.​

  • You want to learn how to push through doubt, and swap your limiting beliefs for empowering ones.

  • You want to create a playful daily writing practice that fills you with joy instead of dread.

  • You want to discover your true voice, a heartfelt style of writing; and get crystal clear on who you’re writing for, and the unique message you came here to share.

  • You’re ready to go from where you are now, to holding a copy of your very own book in your hands! 

  • You desire to create and birth a book that fits into the non-fiction, self-help space; and centres on educating, inspiring, and empowering girls & women. 

  • You have an important & inspirational message to share with women worldwide, and you’d like help sharing it. 


Our first step on this magical journey is OPENing up: discovering where you’re currently blocked and the root cause of this, so that we can un-kink your hose and get your creativity flowing freely like a river again.

As children, we are free, courageous, and totally tapped into our kundalini (life force) energy, but most of us lose this free spirited nature once the responsibilities of adulthood are placed on us. 

But as women, we are all still artists & creators at heart, and we still have desires and dreams to express ourselves. You will begin to recognise that giving yourself permission to be creative is half the battle you’re facing – so that’s exactly what we’re going to do.  

We’ll crack open any limiting beliefs, self-judgement, fears, and insecurities that are stifling your creative process. We’ll see where your life is currently out of balance, and which areas you need to put more love and attention into – all of which will form the basis of opening up your heart, and creative tap. 

In this section, we’ll also explore the many different ways to invite and incorporate creativity into your daily life, including Disney dates (these are SO much fun!), and why this is so vital to the writing process. 


RESET is the part of our journey where you take a look at your current day-to-day life, as well as the overall bigger structure, and give it a total create-over. 

This much needed re-design will clear out all that’s not working for you, making space for a beautiful creative process that lights up your day. Writing a book is hard work, but anybody who tells you it’s not fun wasn’t doing it right!

You’ll take some time to create a beautiful, sacred writing altar, which inspires and ignites your soul. 

We’ll help you find a daily creative process that works for you, and fits around your other responsibilities and commitments; and also give you valuable tips on maintaining discipline throughout your daily writing practice, motivating yourself (even when you feel your fire going out), and breaking things down into small, manageable steps to avoid overwhelm or burn out. 

Do less, and achieve more is our motto. 

This section will also help you to weave play into every day (vital for creativity) and ensure you’re having the most fun you possibly can on this incredible journey.

And we’ll be exploring the importance of trusting your intuition, and following your womb wisdom – we don’t do this enough as women, and this is powerful AF. 

We’ll also provide you with an extensive list of inspiring writing prompts to help you avoid writer’s block, and move from a place of fear and anxiety to freedom. These are carefully crafted to guide you towards your most creative, tapped-in self.  


n this step, we’ll help you discover what your unique superpowers are (yes, you have actual, real-life SUPERPOWERS), get to know them well, and see how you can use them to your advantage in this process.

Forget what you’re not great at – when you focus on what you are amazing at, you’ll be living and creating from your genius.

We’ll figure out what you came here to write, who you’re writing for, and the purpose of your book (your WHY). Once you get clear on these key areas, you’ll find the actual writing so much easier than if you skip these steps. 

We’ll also help you find and refine your voice as a writer, and help you get into the natural habit of writing how you speak – because the truth is, you’re enough exactly as you are; this program is just going to help you realise this, and help you become more of who you already are, and embrace your authentic self. 

Finally, we’ll teach you the art of story telling; because you have a unique story to tell – we all do – and people LOVE to read stories. So we’ll show you how to weave stories into your writing in the most natural, effective way; which will make your book so much simpler to write, and read when it’s complete.


SEED is where we help you get all the ideas circulating in your mind, out onto paper, and organise your thoughts into themes. This will help you see if your idea is big enough to base a whole book on, and get clear on what to use now and what can be kept for your next book!

This is where you’ll define a solid structure for your book, which is vital because creativity without structure will be unfocused, and messy. 

We’ll also help you create a solid outline for each chapter, and give you our top tips for writing a winning introduction that has your readers hooked from the start.  

Plus, we’ll help you find a soul sister to help keep you accountable throughout this journey (through our private FB community). Share your highs, lows, and successes with each other, and be there to support each other along the way.

Writing a book will be so much easier knowing someone who’s going through the same experience as you; because they will understand how you’re feeling in a way that your family & friends simply can’t.  


As women, we’re always taught not to be ‘too much’ of anything, which causes so many of us to shrink ourselves down, play small, and hold back. But it’s time to embrace and honour ALL of you, and rise up into the Creatress that you are, and always have been.  

It’s time for you to TRUST, and spill your heart onto the page. Let go, don’t hold back, and just let it all out.

This is where you write and complete your first rough draft – don’t worry if this sounds a little overwhelming at first.

Everything we’ve covered so far will have helped you to create a writing practice and process that is rooted in your unique superpowers, and helped you get clear on what you’re writing and who you’re writing it for.

This means the actual writing part will flow much easier than if you’d skipped these steps and tried to dive right in to writing your book.

We’ll also help ensure your well stays topped up during this process, show you what to do when you’re feeling uninspired (it happens to us all), gift you some guided meditations to unleash your creative energy when you feel blocked, and make sure you’re resting and recharging enough (because this whole writing from your heart thing can totally sap your energy).

By the end of this step, you will be holding the very first rough draft of your book in your hands – don’t know about you sister, but we’re getting chills just thinking about it!


It might seem a little crazy that CELEBRATION is built into a whole step of its own on this journey, but that’s because most of us don’t take the time to stop and celebrate our achievements the way they deserve to be.

So that’s what we’re going to do before we do anything else.

This is where you let what you’ve accomplished really soak in.

You’ll take some time to pause, and reflect on your journey so far.

Look back to where you began, and who you’ve grown into.

We’ll encourage you to take a day off, and do whatever your soul feels called to do.

Journal, play, or nourish – the choice is yours. 


Now that you’ve had some much needed time away from your book, we’re going to show you the best way to go through and edit your first draft, what you should be looking out for, and how to avoid the perfectionism plague (because your book will never be perfect, and if you wait for perfect the world will never receive your book!).

We’ll encourage you to be honest with yourself, and determine whether this is the very best you have to give, or if there’s more waiting to be unleashed:

How can you take this to an even deeper level? 

How can you speak more openly and personally to your target audience? 

How can you take a step further to the edge? 

Once you’ve gone back and made any self-edits you want to make, the final step is to hand your manuscript over to someone your trust, so that you can receive some honest, invaluable feedback. 


This is the step where you take a moment to stop, BREATHE, and enlist the help of other talented creatives to assist you on this journey. 

We’ll show you: 

  • how to find and hire an editor for your book

  • how to find and hire a cover designer, and what makes a winning cover

  • how to find and hire a formatter for your kindle book

  • how to find and hire a formatter for your paperback book

  • how to put together a soul sister circle to help launch and promote your book

Plus, you’ll also have the option to skip these steps, and submit your manuscript to She Rose Revolution for the chance to be selected to have your book published with us.

We’ll handle the editing, formatting, designing, and publishing steps, AND we’ll showcase and promote your book on our platform. 


In this final step, you will learn how to finally BIRTH your beautiful creation into the world, and sit back as it finds its way into the hands and hearts of women across the world.

We’ll help you get clear on a launch strategy that works for you, and helps you boost your rankings on the Amazon charts so that more people see your book. 

We’ll also show you step by step how to publish your kindle book on Amazon, and how to publish your paperback book – using KDP or sourcing another company.  

Plus, we’ll teach you how to market your book effectively, pre & post birth; how to sell more books using Amazon ads; and where to go from here.


Upon purchasing this course, you’ll be asked to create your personal logon details to access our private online portal where you’ll find all of the modules detailed above.

These are comprised of a variety of videos, worksheets, booklets, writing prompts, and templates for you to download and use.

This is a 100% online program, and each module will be delivered to you on a weekly basis – to avoid overwhelm – but you are free to go at a slower pace to suit you.

You will have lifetime access to the course, so you can refer back to it as needed, and repeat this process and write many more books in the future.

If you have any questions at any point on this journey, you can reach out to our support team: hello@sheroserevolution.com and we aim to respond to you within 24 hours.

If you choose the Wise Woman Journey, Shani will be in touch with you asap to organsie your first session, which will take place as a video call using Zoom.




Shani Jay is a 3 x bestselling author, founder of She Rose Revolution, empowerment mentor, leader of feminine soul awakening retreats, and an internationally published writer.

Her articles have reached and touched millions, while her books have made their way into the hands and hearts of thousands of women worldwide.

Shani is on a mission to undress her beautiful soul, let her run wild & free, and lead and inspire women around the world to do the same.